From Addiction to Miracles


Author: Bill K. – William Keck Jr.


From Addictions to Miracles is a true story about the insanity that alcohol and drugs can create in a persons life and a step-by-step account into sobriety. Sobriety is much more than simply not using chemicals. It is a term denoting change in a person’s complete way of viewing and relating to the world in a productive, responsible manner. This book gives a very simple guide to having a new life, to being rocked into a fourth dimension of existence that can only be described as a true miracle. It is the author’s story, not a theory that someone might be able to use to achieve sobriety. It is impossible to achieve this new life except for God’s miracle working power. This book is about a spiritual journey of life and the reader doesn’t need to have an addiction to be positively and spiritually influenced.


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