Getting Your Children Sober


Author: Toby Rice Drews


—— discover “what’s really going on”
—- get others to be “the bad guy” if an intervention is needed
—- learn whether or not your child is “going through a phase” or if it’s really alcoholism//addiction
—- learn about the genetics of alcoholism — and that you are not to be blamed
—- learn why you are NOT an ”enabler” — no matter what others have said
—- learn what to do if you are surrounded by alcoholics
— deal with your alcoholic -ex (if you are separated) and he
a.) plays “Santa” with your child, making you seem like the heavy-handed ‘bad’ guy who’s ‘paranoid’ and ‘always sees a problem”
b.) is drinking alcoholically himself– and your child ”looks up to him”
c.) offers to have your child live with him (so he can pay less child support) —- but who drives drunk and offers your child beer or pot or pills
d.) has a ‘new girlfriend’ or wife who drinks with him— and who tell the world that you’re just jealous when you don’t want your children around that kind of influence
e.) much more………


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