Kids Power – Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics


Author: Jerry Moe, Don Pohlman

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Welcome to Kids’ Power. There is hope today for young children of alcoholics. They can and do overcome the smothering effects of an alcoholic home, and they don’t have to wait until adulthood to begin this recovery. One of the most devastating illnesses known to mankind, chemical dependency progressively damages all aspects of the afflicted person: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. But this only part of the story. Alcoholism and drug addiction have a profound impact on every member of the family.

Young children are not spared; they can be deeply scarred. All of these children live in a highly chaotic and unpredictable environment, and many are subjected to neglect, physical abuse, verbal violence, inconsistency, broken promises, confusion and role reversals with their parents. Because of these traumas, children of alcoholics are at high risk for becoming juvenile delinquents, dropping out of school, running away, having unwanted pregnancies, committing suicide and developing alcoholism, drug abuse and co-dependency. Not as dramatic, but equally debilitating, are the other traits frequently exhibited by these children, such as compulsive overachieving, stress-related medical problems, difficulty in initiating and maintaining intimate relationships, inability to play and relax, and failure to take good care of self.


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