Love Secrets Revealed


Author: Allen Berger


“He’s clueless. . . .”

“She’s too needy.”

“Maybe if I just work harder at it.”

“I feel like we’re roommates, not lovers.”

If this sounds like your current relationship, you might be thinking you fell for the wrong person—but, as Dr. Allen Berger reveals, it’s more likely that you’ve just fallen for the biggest myths about relationships, which result in unreasonable expectations. Myths like: love is the most important thing in a between partners, compromise is necessary and fair, and working harder at relationships will make them better. Using his thirty years of experience as a couples’ therapist, Dr. Berger will help you take off the blinders and move on with a new level of intimacy, communication and connection with your partner.

Through compelling case studies, field-tested exercises and no-nonsense tips, you’ll discover the relationship myths that may be holding you back and how to:

  • Get back “in sync” with your partner
  • Notice relationship red flags before it’s too late
  • Avoid blow-ups over difficult situations
  • Revitalize the connection you had when you first met


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