Pain Free Living For Drug-Free People


Author: Marvin Seppala, David Martin


An authoritative guide to pain control and pain medications for people in recovery.

People in recovery from addiction who also suffer from pain face a special challenge: Can they use today’s most effective pain medications without triggering relapse? Here, two leading experts in addictive diseases and pain medication examine issues related to pain control and addiction, including types of pain and pain medication; non-pharmacological, physical treatments for pain; and psychological approaches to dealing with pain. This is an essential guidebook for recovering people, caregivers, and medical professionals who need timely and trustworthy information in order to make safe decisions about pain control. Special features include easy-to-use charts classifying over-the-counter drugs as safe or unsafe for recovering people, case histories of individuals in recovery who successfully managed pain without risking relapse, and the latest facts about often-abused prescription drugs such as OxyContin and


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