Without a Job, Who Am I?


Author: Abraham J. Twerski


Millions of people confuse who they are with what they do. When faced with the loss of a job, home, or life savings, many not only struggle to keep their heads above water financially, but to maintain a healthy, positive view of themselves and their value in the world.

Whether you are out of work and money, or are afraid of ending up there, Without a Job, Who Am I? offers a system of support to not only help you stay motivated and persevere, but develop and sustain lasting values and a solid sense of identity no matter what your material circumstances happen to be.

With extensive experience as a psychological, medical, and spiritual counselor, renowned psychiatrist and author Abraham Twerski, M.D., offers time-tested principles and practices for successfully coping with grief, hardship, and trauma to help us rise personally from professional or financial loss. Twerski addresses each of the core issues that we face during challenging times and gives us the tools to:

  • Identify what positive self-esteem really is and develop the lasting values needed to sustain it
  • Deal with the depression and grief that often follows economic loss
  • Cope with feelings of anxiety, and examine what worry does for and to us
  • Manage the stress caused by negative emotions
  • Find familial and spiritual sustenance
  • Stay centered on what matters

Focused on the central question ‘Who am I?’ Twerski uses actionable advice complemented  by inspirational stories to guide us in rediscovering our self-worth when shaken by economic upheaval.


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