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  • What does it mean to be a husband? What does it mean to be a trans man? What does it mean to be an American man, speaking up and speaking out in today s divisive climate? Ryan Sallans, transgender educator and lecturer, follows up his successful Second Sonautobiography with this thought-provoking look at life in contemporary America. While the term trans has become much more visible, the undercurrents of what it actually means still rumbles beneath the surface. In this second searing memoir, Sallans leads his readers on a trip through domestic bliss and family fractures, speaking successes and online harassment, personal heights and dizzying falls. In Transforming Manhood, the author confides what it means to be a public personality, showcasing how his profile has earned him adulation, as well as accusations.   This follow-up to Second Son will inspire anyone who has ever fought personal demons to become the best possible person they had imagined. Through eye-opening discussions on college campuses, heart-to-heart talks with worried parents in America s heartland, and scary real-life stalking experiences, Sallans has overcome much and has grown from these encounters. Transforming Manhood is a book that chronicles Sallans s everyday struggles to transition into being a better husband, son, and man.   It is a book that pleads for the LGBTQ community to come together and place their differences aside. In today's political climate, it s a call for mutual understanding and for standing up for what you believe in. Transforming Manhood continues the story of Ryan Sallans s life, but more than that: it spotlights his hope and encouragement for a better, optimistic, unified future for everyone.
  • Second Son is a unique lens on life and love, intimately exploring the transition experience of Ryan Sallans—born Kimberly Ann Sallans. Ride alongside Ryan’s transition from a child to a body-obsessed young woman with an eating disorder; from female to male, daughter to son, and finally a beloved partner to a cherished fiancee’. Ryan candidly shares his struggle to find love and acceptance; a struggle that transcends through every layer of society. He nearly died from an extreme case of anorexia as an insecure female college student. The only thing that saved him was his inner spirit begging for a chance to live. Second Son chronicles Ryan’s battle with his family, his romantic partner, and his body. It is an unblinking focus on self-empowerment tracing Ryan’s evolution into manhood as he underwent gender reassignment surgeries. It took twenty-nine years for Ryan to find himself. Second Son is an intimate and honest autobiography that will educate and empower anyone journeying to find their own destiny, love, and life.
  • Author: Beverly Conyers
  • Author: Mark Komrad
  • Author: Cardwell Nuckols


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