Coming Together

Sharing resources with those who come to CNCAA is a crucial component to what we do.  Our community, working together, can overcome addiction once and for all.

Lending Library

We house more than 1200 books, videos, and DVD’s and CD’s for free loan, offering help and hope for the many challenges of life, including substance abuse and addiction issues. Some Spanish materials are available. 

The BIG Book Store

We offer a large selection (over 400 titles) of books, pamphlets, greeting cards, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs and other gift items. New items are added regularly. We can special order if needed. Some Spanish materials are available.  You can come and shop in-person or online.

Informational Resources

 Available free or at a low cost; up-to-date print materials regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (articles, pamphlets, meeting lists, posters, etc). Some materials are available in Spanish.  Stop in to view all we offer.

Referral Services

CNCAA helps individuals and families needing treatment services, self-help groups, or other human service agencies find help, in and out of Nebraska. We are a listening and compassionate ear in times of crisis. 

Family Intervention

It is sometimes very difficult to recognize an addiction problem in a spouse, parent, child or other loved one. You may need the help of a knowledgeable professional and the support of others with the same experience. At CNCAA’s Family Education Program you’ll gather the information and resources you need to help your family deal with addiction. You will receive tools to get you started on the road to recovery. 

Mission Moments

I like getting together to see friends at Kids Power 2 that I don’t usually get to see. I am concerned for my friends. Kids Power 2 is fun and so is getting to go to Timberlake.

Autumn, Kids Power 2 participant

The program is a different approach to teach a child about important issues. These issues can be really hard to talk about.

Parent of a Discovery Kids participant

Kids Power really helped my children cope with a life changing effect of alcoholism. It gave them the tools and confidence to get through.

Dan D., CNCAA Board Member

This organization has a staff of people genuinely committed to helping their community! Every time I’ve called or visited, the people there have been kind, knowledgeable, and had a sincere desire to help in any way they could. In my experience here I learned more than I ever expected, and left feeling much better than I did when I came.

Sam M., Drug education class participant

He’s more focused, well mannered, and he has better self-esteem.

Parent of a Discovery Kids participant
I feel passionate about spreading any type of help for families going through the devastation of addiction. More importantly, showing families that there is hope and solutions to live a beautiful, fun, and peace-filled life.
Mia W., Past CNCAA Board Member

CNCAA helped me in the very beginning of my recovery process with their wonderful lending library.

Jolene S., Past CNCAA Board Member

Kids Power 2 helps me to be drug free and helps me with my mom’s problem.

Addison, Kids Power 2 participant

Being a part of an organization that cares so much about the community is a place I want to be. Until we, as community members, come together as a force to educate those needing assistance, we struggle. CNCAA has mission to be that force.

Melissa A., Past CNCAA Board Member

I liked the program. You shared an important message to our kids, such as how to prevent problems with alcohol and drugs. Thank you!

Parent of a Discovery Kids participant

Thank you! Kids Power gave us HOPE!

Crystal C., Parent of a Kids Power participant

My son has a better judgement when selecting foods and choosing foods lower in fat. The whole family has learned a lot too!

Parent of a CATCH Kids Club participant

My son runs, walks, and jumps on the trampoline more often. We also go for walks to the park more often as a family.

Parent of a CATCH Kids Club participant

I think the program is wonderful and my child loves to go to CATCH Kids Club!

Parent of a CATCH Kids Club participant

My child now has an increased knowledge and awareness, especially after reading and going over the homework and other paper brought home from the program.

Parent of a Discovery Kids participant

I always visited to get medallions, cards, or books. Staff was always friendly and helpful. The Council was very important to my daughter and that is what made me want to get involved. I had not realized all the kids programs offered, but that is the main reason I want to stay involved. Prevention is key. Thank you Connie and staff for all you do!

Jo G., Past CNCAA Board Member

Since Discovery Kids, she has shown a lot more responsibility and is trying to be more of a leader.

Parent of a Discovery Kids participant

The first time I attended Tree of Hope, I was living at Hope Harbor two years ago. Representatives of CNCAA had visited while I was in treatment at St. Francis ADTC. What wonderful gifts and literature I have purchased from the store. I plan to utilize the tobacco free program in the future. Thank you for supporting my recovery!

Michelle B., (9/20/14 - present)

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